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Secure, Safe & Low Risk

Containers are trackable and fully insured. Most importantly, they belong to you.


Instrumental to the global cargo market, shipping containers offer a secure, reliable, and profitable investment.

Unlike financial assets, cargo containers hold value through the years even in times of crisis.

No matter the market, demand is assured for containers, making them the perfect way to remove risk from your portfolio.


·  Easy, quick & profitable – Within a few months, you will see the profits and the return of capital on your investment. With container investment, you don’t need to wait for years to make a profit.

·  Returns – Capital gains 12%.

·  Proven track record – Shipping containers have consistently outperformed other assets like stocks, bonds, precious metals and property. With guaranteed demand (90% of global trade is moved in a container), you know your investment is secure.

·  Insured investment – Your containers are insured. So your capital is protected.

·  Clear information – You can ask us any time any question regarding to shipping container investments. Also our real clients can share with you their experiences upon your request.

Containers deliver a monthly income to their owners in cash, not paper profits, hard cash every month. Most investments do not deliver cash payments every month. More and more investors are moving into containers and other investment products are losing market share to containers. In an effort to compete they write negative comments about the container industry, fake news as it is now called. These negative comments are all anonymous and nobody is claiming they have lost money.

Subject to your own accounting advice, the containers may qualify for a 12% annual depreciation allowance. It’s painted as a trouble-free investment: you pay the money, sit back and wait for the returns to roll in.


Designed specifically to deliver safety and stability for investors as part of a high yield fixed income strategy.

These are simple yet flexible investments with low entry levels that can form an essential part of any well balanced portfolio.

Benefit from these exclusive opportunities offering options on how much and the length of time you wish to invest, these Fixed Income investments can provide substantial investment with returns of 12% APR

Key Features of our Containers Investment Opportunities

  • LEASE - Fixed interest of 12% P.A payable as regular income or at the end of Term, with a bonus.

  • INCOME OPTIONS - Typically, interest is paid monthly, quarterly or bi-annually

  • FLEXIBLE TERMS - Options available 5+ years in length, giving investors a flexible choice in selecting an exit strategy to suit

  • LOW ENTRY LEVEL - Invest from as little as £1,920

  • MARKET-LEADING CAPITAL PROTECTION - multi-layered security structures in place meaning investors benefit from market-leading capital protection

  • SECURITY TRUSTEE - Independent Security Trustees in place to ensure stability for investors and to protect their interest at all times

  • FULLY ASSET BACKED SECURITY - Making these highly securitised investment opportunities

  • LIFETIME RETURNS - 12% investment lifetime returns are possible with some investment options

  • HIGHLY EXPERIENCED MANAGEMENT - All our Fixed Income investments are with experienced management teams, all with demonstrable track records in their specific areas of operation

  • NO HIDDEN COSTS - There are no setup costs, no management fees or other charges to investors

All our Fixed Income investments feature market-leading, multi-layered security structures to ensure your invested capital is protected at all times.